LMANZ  welcomes all aircraft that operate under the MFNZ Large Model (LM) certification scheme https://www.mfnz.org/members-pilots/large-models/ which is weight or power based as opposed to wingspan, size or scale such as the LMANZ scheme.

The purpose and goal of the Large Model Aircraft New Zealand is to encourage and foster the building and flying of large radio controlled model aircraft. The term “Giant Scale” is also used to describe such aircraft. However, this term and the term “Large Scale Radio Controlled Model Aircraft,” are in reference to the size of the model and not the full sized aircraft. The concept of “large” radio controlled model aircraft shall prevail over any other considerations in describing miniature aircraft. This concept of “large” is generally considered to apply to radio controlled model aircraft with minimum wingspans of eighty (80) inches for monoplanes and sixty (60) inches for multi-wing aircraft. Ducted Fan and Turbine aircraft with one hundred forty (140) inches combined length and width, measured from wing tip to wing tip at the widest point perpendicular to the fuselage and added to the length of the fuselage, excluding any protrusions. Autogyros with 50 inches for a single rotor, 80 inches for a dual rotor. Quarter (1/4) scale replicas or larger with proper documentation (minimum 3 view drawing of an actual person carrying aircraft) which do not fit the size requirements will be permitted. However, the concept does not encompass radio controlled model aircraft so large as to have the potential of carrying a human being.

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